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Curriculum Vitae

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Selected Publications

¡±Cheap Talk and Reputation in Repeated Pre-trial Negotiation,¡±
1996, RAND Journal of Economics

¡°An Economic Analysis of the Receiver Pays Principle,¡±
2001, Information Economics and Policy

¡°An Economic Theory of Deviance,¡±
2001, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics

¡°Dutch Treat versus Oriental Treat,¡±
2002, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

¡°Yes Men and No Men: Does Defiance Signal Talent?¡±
2003, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics

¡±On Prejudice¡±
2007, Scottish Journal of Political Economy

¡±A Theory of Consumer Referral ¡±
2008, International Journal of Industrial Organization

¡±Information Diffusion and delta-Closeness-Centrality ¡±
2010, Sociological Theory and Methods

"The economics of curiosity"
2013, Korean Economic Review

Recent Research Papers

¡±A Signalling Explanation for Preferential Attachment in the Evolution of Social Networks¡±
forthcoming in Journal of Evolutionary Economics

¡±Connectivity and Hubs in a Network as an Information Flow¡±

"Should refusal to sell be illegal?"

"Joint Liability and Stochastic Shapley Value"


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