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2019, IEIE

Best paper award, Huu Nauyen Bui for "Switching magnetic waveguide on metasurface to delivering WPT and propulsion for an untethered micro_robot"


2019, 26th KCS

SSCS special award, Seneke Chamith Chandrarthna, Chang_Hyung Choi, Jun-Hyeong Kwon, and Jong-Wook Lee for "A 38mV DC-DC Boost Converter with VIN-Dependent MPPT Technique and ZCS Circuit for Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting Devices"


2018, 25th KCS

Best design award, Xuan Tien Nguyen, Woo-Jin Jo, Jun-Hyeong Kwon, Pham Thanh Son, and Jong-Wook Lee for "A 1 MHz 1 MΩ Output Impedance CMOS Current Driver and Active Electrode for ECG/ETI Measurement"



Best paper award, Khac Vu Nguyen, Woo-Jin Jo, and Jong-Wook Lee for "A Low Input Capacitance Chopper Instrumentation Amplifier tolerant to Commom-Mode Interference up to 650mVpp"


2017, 24th KCS

Best paper award, Jae-Hun Lee, Do-Young Chung, Dasom Park, Hyun-Sik Lee, Thanh Son Pham, Vu Dinh Lam, and Jong-Wook Lee for "A Low-power Self-calibrated System Clock Generator for Class-1 Generation-2 UHF-band RFID Tag IC"

Best design award, Jae-Hun Lee, Dasom Park, Hyun-Sik Lee, Woo-Jin Jo, and Jong-Wook Lee for "A Process Compensation Analog PIE Decoder for EPC Gen 2 UHF RFID Tag ID"

Best design award, Jae-Hun Lee, Woo-Jin Jo, and Jong-Wook Lee for "A 10-Bit Low-Power SAR ADC with Self-Calibration for Class-1 Generation-2 UHF-Band RFID Tag IC"

Best poster award, Amad Ud Din, Jae-Hun Lee, Woo-Jin Jo, and Jong-Wook Lee for "A Symmetric Bias-Flip Rectifier for Piezoelectric Energy Scavenging Applications"


2016 IDEC, SoC congress Chip Design Contest

Best poster award, Dasom Park and Jong-Wook Lee for "A Low Powe 10-bit Monotonic Swithching SAR ADC with Comparator Offset Calibration"


2013 dcvb, SoC conference

Best Paper award, Vinh Hao Duong and Jong-Wook Lee for "A UHF- band Semi-Passive Tag IC Having An Adaptive Power Management in 0.18μm CMOS "


2013 KOFAC, Capstone design congress

3rd place Award, 2013 KOFAC, Capstone design congress


2010 International SoC Design Conference

2nd place Best Desgn Award(Chip Design Contest Session), Duong Huynh Thai Vo and Jong-Wook Lee for "A Nano-Watt Low-Drop-Out Volatge Regulator for UHF RFID Tag IC"

samsung award(Oral Session), Jong-Wook Lee and Jiafu Lin for "Series-Biased CMOS Power Amplifiers Operating at High Voltage for 24GHz Radar Applications"


10th WORKSHOP on RF Integrated Circuit Technology

Best Paper Award, Jiafu Lin and Jong-Wook Lee for "A 24GHz, +100mW Series-Biased CMOS Power Amplifier Operating at High Voltage"



Good Paper Award, Tai Nghia Nguyen and Jong-Wook Lee for "Novel Vackar Voltage Controlled Oscillator for Low Phase Noise Performance"

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