Publications - Books

Books Authored

  • Kim, Jong-Bok. 2016. The Syntactic Structures of Korean: A Construction Grammar Perspective. Cambridge University Press.
  • Kim, Jong-Bok. 2009. Understanding English Syntactic and Semantic Structures. (In Korean). Hankwuk Publishing. (Nominated as an Excellent Book of the year 2010 by the National Academy of Sciences, Korea. 대한민국학술원 우수도서
  • Kim, Jong-Bok and Peter Sells. 2008. English Syntax: An Introduction. Stanford, CSLI Publications.
  • Kim, Jong-Bok et al. Korean Language Processing and Syntactic Parser. Seoul: Wolin. (Nominated as an Excellent Book of the year 2005 by in Humanities by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Korea. 문화관공부 우수도서)
  • Kim, Jong-Bok. Korean Phrase Structure Grammar. (In Korean). Hankwuk Publisher. (Nominated as an Excellent Book of the year 2005 by the National Academy of Sciences, Korea. 대한민국학술원 우수도서)
  • Kim, Jong-Bok. The Grammar of Negation: A Constraint-Based Approach. Stanford: CSLI Publications.

Books Translated

  • Kim, Jong-Bok, Jeong-Woon Park, and Yae-shiek Lee. Translated. The Foundations of Language (by Ray Jackendo , Cambridge Univ. Press). Hankook Publishing Co.
  • 김종복, 조세연, 최인철. 2003. 통사론 길라잡이. 한국문화사.
  • 김종복, 이예식. 2002 생성어휘론. (Generative Lexicon). 2002년 학술원 인문사회과학분야 우수추천도서
  • 김종복, 이병민, 이남근. 2002 어떻게 가르칠 것인가: 대학 교수들을 위한 지침서. (Teaching Tips) 한국문화사.
    문화관공부 2002년 사회과학분야 우수추천도서
  • 김종복, 장영준. 2001 영어에 관한 오해 21가지 (Language Myth) 한신문화사 [국민일보 서평]

Books Edited

  • 박병수, 김종복 (eds), 2004. 한국어 격 현상 연구 (Perspectives on Korean Case and Case Markings). Taehaksa
  • Kim, Jong-Bok and Stefen Weschler eds. 2003. The 9th Proceedings of Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar. Stanford: CSLI Publications.
  • Park, Byung-Soo and Jong-Bok Kim. 1996. Language, Information and Computation: Selected Papers from the 9th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information, and Computation