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작성일 : 18-11-19 13:09
2018년 11월 21일 콜로퀴움 공지
 글쓴이 : 응용물리학과
조회 : 152  
   세미나 공고(181119.pdf (242.6K) [1] DATE : 2018-11-19 13:17:41
안녕하세요. 11/21(수) 콜로퀴움 공지입니다.
일시 : 11월 21일 수요일 오후 4시 30분
장소 : 전자정보대학 211-2호
연사: 도용주 교수
GIST, 물리 광과학과

제목: Quantum Electronic Devices of Topological Insulator Nanoribbons

Topological insulators (TIs) are bulk insulators including metallic (and topological) surface states, which are topologically protected by time-reversal symmetry. The topological surface states are also known to be spin-helical, meaning that the electron spin is aligned parallel to the surface and normal to the momentum. Since the spin orientation of the surface electrons are locked perpendicular to their translational momentum, the metallic edge states in TIs are protected from backscattering by chiral spin texture and thus expected to exhibit highly quantum-coherent charge and spin transport, making this TI material to be a promising platform for novel quantum information devices. Here I will briefly introduce our recent experimental observations of quantum electronic transport in TI nanowires, such as the weak antilocalization effect, Aharonov-Bohm oscillations, Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations, and the superconducting proximity effects. TI nanoribbons would provide a useful platform to develop novel quantum information devices.