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2018년 4월 11일 (수) 콜로퀴움 공지
 글쓴이 : 응용물리학과
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2018년 4월 11일 (수) 콜로퀴움 공지 입니다.
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◎ 일시 : 2018.04.11(수) 오후 4시 30분~
◎ 장소 : 응용과학대학관 211-1호 세미나실
◎ 연사 : 광운대학교 전자바이오물리학과 최은하 교수
제목: GRDC Technical Transfer

 Plasma treatment devices for skin diseases has been started in Europe and USA, now they are recognized to be essential and important for development of plasma medical devices against skin diseases in Korea. Applied Plasma Medicine Center (APMC), which is a Global Research & Development Center (GRDC), has been established at 2016 by Plasma Bioscience Research Center (PBRC) in Kwangwoon University(KWU), Seoul, Korea, and Leibniz institute for low temperature plasma (INP), Greifswald, Germany. 

 Here, R&D works based on the APMC activities and the related technical transfer to industries will be reported in this session. Especially plasma medical devices for tooth whitening using water without hydrogen peroxide, plasma sterilizer used for rescue vehicle and hospital patient’s room, and wound healing devices for normal/hot burn skins have been technically transferred to respective industries for their market businesses. These details will be presented and discussed in this time. It is also emphasized that advanced technology and certification of plasma medical devices should be introduced soon to Korea throughout the GRDC collaborative research works for international standardization based on the domestic fundamental technologies.  

 PBRC in KWU has developed a micro dielectric barrier discharge (micro-DBD) plasma source with very low operating voltage (~500 V) as well as soft plasma jet, respectively, with their fundamental patents used for many industrial and medical application areas. The tooth whitening device “PLASQUE” has been manufactured by BioPlatech (Inc.), and completed for medical device manufacturing licence (#5721) with medical device approval (17-319) at May, 2017 by Korea Food and Drug Administration. Also “Plasma Sterilizer (DWK-DP)“ has been manufactured by Dawoo Korea and completed for device manufacturing with certification of excellent product designation at September 2017 by Korea Public Procurement Service.    

 APMC will push technical transfer to many industries for plasma medical devices and creation of new industries. Also the collaborative activities in APMC will bring an efficient commercialization of plasma medical devices along with its international standardization for world wide new blue markets.