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작성일 : 17-05-25 16:51
2017년 5월 31일 콜로키움
 글쓴이 : 응용물리학과
조회 : 306  
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강사 : 심지훈 교수(포항공과대학교)
일시 : 2017.05.31(수) 오후 4시 30분
장소 : 응용과학대학관 211-2호 현대식강의실
        First-principles dynamical mean field theory approach
                   on Ce-based heavy fermion system
In  f  electron-based heavy fermion compounds, the temperature dependent behavior of the  f  electron is determined by the competition between Kondo effect and RKKY interaction. The  f  electron's magnetic moments bind to the itinerant quasiparticles to form composite heavy quasiparticle bands at low temperature to produce a large Fermi surface. When the  f  electrons are localized free moments, a small Fermi surface is induced with the absence of coherent contribution from  f  electrons. In the dynamical mean field theory approach of Ce-based heavy fermion compounds, we addressed that the Fermi surface sizes and their effective masses show continuous logarithmic scaling behavior (~ ln(T0/T)) with different characteristic temperatures. Under the pressure or chemical doping, the temperature scale can be changed which is related to the movement of the quantum critical point. Also, the role of crystalline electric field (CEF) to the spectral function has been investigated in CeCoIn5 with well-defined CEF splitting. We describe the CEF multiplet Kondo resonance peaks similar to recent experimental observation and suggest that the CEF effect should be considered to explain the temperature scale of Kondo and coherent temperatures.