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작성일 : 17-04-03 12:05
2017년 4월 5일 콜로키움
 글쓴이 : 응용물리학과
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강사 : 진현규 교수(POSTECH)
일시 : 2017.04.05() 오후 430
장소 : 응용과학대학관 211-2호 현대식강의실
Title :
  Thermoelectric Energy Conversion for Sustainable Future :namespace prefix = "o" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
Abstract : 
 Climate change and the increase in concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere require development of carbon-free energy technologies away from using fossil fuels.  There is also a growing concern about limited energy availability worldwide.  Active research is being conducted in diverse energy-related fields in efforts to find solutions for these formidable challenges, typically by searching for alternative forms of energy, and by increasing the efficiency of existing fossil-fuel-based technologies.  I draw particular attention to the considerable amount of energy that is lost as waste heat in numerous energy conversion processes.  If we can develop an efficient way to recycle the waste heat into a useful form of energy, e.g. electricity, it could help greatly to solve the global energy issue.  
 Thermoelectric devices are solid-state energy converters that can transform heat into electricity and vice versa.  They can be used as power generators by converting waste heat into electricity, or as heat pumps / refrigerators by converting electrical input into a temperature gradient.  Having no moving parts, they have an essentially infinite lifetime, require no maintenance, and have a very high power density.  As the energy conversion efficiency of thermoelectric devices largely depends on that of individual material used, research is needed to improve the efficiency of various thermoelectric materials, which requires multidisciplinary knowledge in thermal science, materials science, inorganic chemistry, and solid-state physics.
 This seminar aims to provide an introduction to the field of thermoelectric energy conversion, as well as my contribution to the field through fundamental and applied research on thermal, electronic, and magnetic properties of solids.