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작성일 : 17-03-24 09:51
2017년 3월 29일 콜로키움
 글쓴이 : 응용물리학과
조회 : 432  
03/29(수) 콜로키움 공지입니다.
학부생들의 많은 참여 바랍니다.
강사 : 이종원 교수(UNIST)
일시 : 2017.03.29() 오후 430
장소 : 응용과학대학관 211-2호 현대식강의실
Title :
   Qauntum-engineered intersubband metasurfaces
Abstract : 
 Metamaterials and metasurfaces can be used to manipulate, control and tailor the electromagnetic properties in unprecedented ways. They are artificially made structures able to exhibit novel functionalities not available in nature. In different context, Intersubband transitions in n-doped semiconductor heterostructures provide the possibilities to engineer giant electro-optic effect and one of the largest known nonlinear optical responses in condensed matter systems. I will discuss how we engineer and use these giant electro-optic effect and nonlinear responses to produce polaritonic metasurfaces with ultra-fast electrical tuning and ultra-thin highly-nonlinear metasurfaces for efficient frequency conversion especially for the Second-Harmonic Generation. Structure discussed here represent a novel kind of hybrid metal-semiconductor metamaterials in which exotic optical properties are produced by coupling electromagnetically-engineered plasmonic resonant modes in plasmonic nanostructures with quantum-engineered intersubband transitions in semiconductor heterostructures.