"Calculus 2", Autumn, 2022

Time Tue (09:00~11:45), Thu (09:00~10:50)
Textbook James Stewart,
Essential Calculus; Early Transcendentals (Korean),
Kyowoo, 2016.
Grades 40% (midterm) + 40% (final) + 17% (homework & quiz) + 3% (attendance)
T. A. Haesol Han (Quantum Information Lab, 7th floor)

"Topics in Applied Mathematics", Autumn, 2022

Time Tue (15:00~16:15), Thu (15:00~16:15)
Room Space21 B103
Textbook Topics in Applied Mathematics: Introduction to Quantum Algorithms
(S. Lee's Lecture Note, E-Campus)
Grades 45% (midterm) + 45% (final) + 7% (homework) + 3% (attendance)
T. A. Byung Chan Kim (Quantum Information Lab, 7th floor)

"Office Hour"

by appointment

"Previous Courses", Autumn 2004 ~ Spring 2022

Applied Linear Algebra, Applied Mathematics, Calculus, Calculus 1 and 2, Combinatorics, Discrete Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics (Graduate Course), Graph Theory, Sets and Metric Spaces, Topics in Applied Mathematics, Quantum Algorithms and Quantum Information (Graduate Course).

"Previous Courses", 2000 ~ 2002

Calculus 1, Real Analysis at Konkuk University (Spring 2002)
Calculus, Advanced Calculus, Linear Algebra at Seoul National University.

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